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was a house of nato, and nato of new york, and one involving the script look. >> wow. that's really great. >> so the second sopoption is f ki and retro inspired, and this has a strong lettering that you then put up on the web and then fun looking at the windows at your different dresses or things that you have on the website. very different. >> it is. it goes to a different direction and really bold and actually kind of fantastic. >> and denise strongly recommended getting the brothers set up on the visual pinboard site pinterest. >> pinterest is growing incredibly fast and women love it and so are men. >> and a perfect fit for brides collecting images and themes for the wedding. she offered for someone on her team to get them set up to start pinning the dresses on the boards. the next addition was a designer with her own successful line. it was not long ago that aisha was in the same position as the brothers, and she said that things can be made identically in new york. these are two fancy dresses. one is made in turkey and one is made ten blocks from here. you should see your face. what
to the new year in shanghai, china. while in tokyo, japan, buddhist monks rang bells to cleanse sins. nato soldiers serving in afghanistan took time to let loose and dance their way into 2013. nato has more than 100,000 soldiers serving in afghanistan, including some 66,000 u.s. forces. in centralr russia, these brave souls took an icy dip to greet the new year. the water temperature, a brisk 37 degrees. while in the united arab emirates, the world's tall els building set the stage for a giant celebration. in paris, tens of thousands celebrated at the eiffel tower. while in london, big ben rang out the old and rang in the new. and the tradition continued in the big apple. tens of thousands crammed into times square to officially welcome 2013. kirk gregory, nbc news. >> beautiful kisses to start the new year. >>> on the first day of the new year, more than 400 new laws go into effect around the country. here are just a few. in maryland, same-sex couples now have the right to marry. and the wedding ceremonies started just after midnight in baltimore. california and illinois have both banned
in shanghai, china. while in tokyo, japan, buddhist mornings rang bells. nato soldiers searching in afghanistan, took time to let loose and dance their way into 2013. nato has more than 1,000 soldiers in afghanistan, including 66,000 u.s. forces. in central florida, these brave souls took an icy dip. the water temperature, a brisk 37 degrees. in the united emirates, the world's tallest build, the berj khalif that. in london, big ben rang out the old and brought in the new. and the tradition continued in the big apple, tens of thousands, crammed into times square to official with welcome 2013. kurt gregory, nbc news. >> how can you top the kiss at the eiffel tower. >>> 400 new laws go in effect. in maryland, same-sex couples have the right to marry. and the wedding ceremonies started just after midnight. california has banned their workers from forcing their workers and job applicants to hand over passwords to facebook and twitter accounts. >> and lawmakers decided it's not a fair fight. >>> and florida, police can no longer give tickets to drivers who flash their headlights to le
an event that had hovered over this city for some time. that was nato in may thousands of demonstrators walked through the streets of the city for hours per day. elastic clash with police with of the world watching. dozens of arrests, traffic headaches and worldwide... but in the end chicago came out on top. if you think it's easier to ask people to do with they did it's not. once nato was over the city had to gear up for crowds that looked just as powerful chicago teachers union led a massive strike that kept unions out of school for seven days. the strike finally came to an end. but one student went back to class 4 chicagos growing crime issue, 55 murders the story made national headlines. you have a role in community policing, you are not a snitch. it became a year heavy in politics. congressman jesse jackson jr. resigned from his seat after being a no show for months treated for bipolar disorder all the while investigators looked into his use of campaign funds despite all that he won reelection but the political focus was on the presidential campaign. president obama reelected af
the precursorso and chemical agents in places we may not be able to deal with.no nato took a look at it and said nato will do something about it. as you and i know, nato is toothless to do anything abouto it without the united states that could take upwards of about 50,000 troops to secure the chemical weapons of mass instruction threatening not only the people inside syria but also the neighborhood to include turkey and all the reason for those missiles coming. lou: are you surprised we're sending patriot missilemi defens systems to the turk quest to mark speak of this has been in brussels for some months.to m the turks have always wanted some means of protecting themselves not simply fromn rockets coming in from syria but wanted to protect themselvesiran from what the iranians are building with the help of course of the north koreans. lou: and we can talk forever about the relationship that is emerging. but i want to talk as we wrap up, want to talk about this new book. set in the future in which youes imagine issues frankly taking place today. >> 20 years from now. i sat down a year and half
estimated to cost about $660 million. >> on the other side of the world, nato troops serving in afghanistan celebrated the new year with a party. soldiers from different countries gathered in kabul for a dance party. looks like everybody had a good time too. >> nato has more than 100,000 troops in afghanistan including 66,000 u.s. forces. nato will withdraw almost all of its forces there 5/20/14. >>> check this out. no shiny crystal here. in atlanta, people brought in the new year with the 24th annual peach drop at midnight. the peach weighs 800 pounds, thousands of people cheered as the fireworks lit up the night sky in atlanta. it's the southeast's largest new year's eve party. then in our region, 7,000 people celebrated the new year at big night d.c. at national harbor. the fourth year for the party at gaylord national resort. plenty of music, dancing and good food, party at 3:00 in the morning. >> looking classy for the new year. >> starting off the new year on a good foot. man, that wakeup call was real early this morning. >> all right. plenty of coffee. >> coming up on four minutes be
a full recovery. >>> from nato to afghan control will begin in two months, aiming to cover 90% of the country's population. the transition that began in early 2011 is supposed to give afghan forces full responsibility for security by the end of 2014, when most nato troops will have withdrawn. >>> following a day of bloodshed. 23 people were killed and 87 people wounded in the day of attacks. most killed were religious pilgrims on their way to the holy city. >>> in a surprise speech today, kim jong un called for an end of conflict between the two koreas. the first in 19 years by a north korean leader. tensions have risen to their highest level in decades after the north bombed a southern island in 2010, killing two civilians and two soldiers. >>> the world rang in the new year with a hope for better days ahead. pope benedict prayed that 2013 will be a year of peace, despite growing between rich and poor and terrorism. he celebrated the new year with a service in st. peter's basilica. >>> vladimir putin delivered an address calling for unity. >>> scattered showers and thundersto
the soviet troupes out of eastern europe. going to let nato take over germany. unite germany and nato can have their germany as long as nato doesn't go further. these kinds of things are in the air. what does bush do? tianimen square happens, he suspended relations, but behind the scenes does business as usual with china. he goes into panama, in december '89 -- never forgot that because i had -- born on the 4th of july was opening that day, and the american people loved it. they backed the invasion. it was our backyard, it was a war on drugs and that was new issue now. communist had been forgotten. noriega was the new stalin, and then a year later, we had this iraq 1, and that's another untold story. iraq 1 was really depressing when you go into all the false intelligence and the doctoring of the photos. do you want to tell us about that? it breaks my heart personally, and as a veteran of the vietnam war, i see the next ten years we drift. we don't take advantage of the possibles with the soviet union, to keep it stable. we privatize with russia and then by the time the bush 43 comes in,
go to another. nato troops serving in afghanistan celebrated the new year with a party. soldiers from different countries gathered in kabul for a dance party. looks like everybody had a good time. dancing and relaxing. nato has more than 100,000 troops in afghanistan, including 66,000 from the u.s. nato will withdraw almost all of its forces there by 2014. >>> closer to home, 7,000 people celebrated the new year at big night d.c. at national harbor. it's the fourth year for the party at the gaylord national resort. there was music, lots of dancing, plenty of food as well. that party ended at 3:00 this morning. >>> all right. so we've heard with about a mention of snow. are we talking a few snowflakes or really coming down on us? meteorologist tom kierein. >> no worries about any travel with snow or any kind of precipitation this morning. otherwise, just a little bit of maybe flurry or light sprinkle activity. there is national harbor. a live view from the camera. it's mostly sleepy there now. it's going to be mostly sleepy throughout the day today. there's the cloudy sky over the wils
responsibility, saying it targeted local police and civilians serving the base. the nato-led international security forces say the bomber did not breach the base's perimeter. >>> investigators are working to pinpoint what caused a passenger jet to crash in eastern myanmar on tuesday. government officials suspect pilot error. two people were killed in the accident. >>> an air jet landed on a road about 3 kilometers from its destination at the airport. the aircraft broke apart and caught fire, killing one passenger and one bystander on the ground. 11 others were injured. government investigators examined the charred wreckage during the first day of their probe on wednesday. airline employees and witnesses say that an engine exploded right before the plane touched down. this would indicate that the jet had serious problems before it crash landed. however, a passenger told nhk that the crew gave no warnings. >> so it wasn't anything unusual. or nothing to be concerned about. at that moment. but once we got underneath, there was immediately fields and when you look out, yep, there's something w
is calling it a declared victory and run strategy. nato troops are scheduled to leave afghanistan by the end of 2014. >>> the paparazzi obsession with justin beiber takes a deadly turn. what a photographer was trying to do that cost him his life. >> and amazing research involving pan dags, how they111g >>> a company called revolution foods will serve meals at 114 schools starting on monday. the lunches are prepared by chefs using local ingredients. it's never frozen or fried and does not contain corn syrup. >> we're off to a good start with our exercise. this morning, it's kind of hard to get out because it's so cold. >> it's going to be fun to get on the treadmill this time of year. if you get out there congratulations, good luck to you. 52 in vallejo. 53 in san rafael and san francisco. 55, in fremont and san jose and palo alto and 54 in san mateo. if you are traveling around the state it is quiet everywhere on doppler radar. sunshine dominates the entire state. low to mid-60s down to southern california, to 59 at big sur. 38 in tahoe and about 42 in yosemite. speaking of travel let's turn
-american sentiment has a long tradition in greece, and the country's entry into nato was not without controversy, but today, the deputy mayor remembers the advantages to having a foreign military presence here. many young people had jobs at the military base. many americans lived outside and vented flats' in town here. sometimes there were even weddings, and some of our young women ended up going to america. >> at the 11-kilometer mark, we find the vineyard of spiro scarlatina is, who says that this kind of grave was being made here as far back as the battle against the persians, but even a victorious past like that is of little avail to the winegrower -- this kind of grape. >> wine used to be in national temple in greece, but it has become a luxury. after -- how can people who have seen their wage cut by half still afford a glass of wine? >> but he is not ready to throw in the towel just yet. he hopes the marathon label might help his selection of wines find fans abroad. at a fruit and vegetable stand at the 18-kilometer mark, we meet a 22-year-old egyptian who fled to greece four years ago. si
spread to neighboring turkey, prompting nato to agree to set up patriot missiles along the country's border with germany supplying some personnel. peaceful rallies like this one last year are few and far between. the two sides have stopped talking. >> for the rebels, the only solution is a complete transfer of power. after 45,000 deaths, a future with assad is inconceivable, and assad is not ready to hand over power, so we have no basis for talks. >> the number of civilian casualty has -- casualty's has risen month after month, and thousands have fled the violence. it was not until november, the syria's opposition formed a coalition led by a moderate islamists. western powers have backed the coalition but have rejected military intervention, and syria's powerful allies on the united nations security council have blocked the push for tougher action against the assad regime. >> the security council was paralyzed because russia and china have rejected a solution. as a result, regional and international actors in syria are pursuing their own interests. that has made the popular uprisin
with him. >> long before the arrival of nato forces, long before the taliban, nancy was already trying to save the country she loved. at a basement in the university, the shelves are at testimony of her work. 70,000 books. a storehouse of knowledge that she quietly collected in put away, in hopes that it will help the afghan people when they find themselves again. -- one day find themselves again. >> they do not know where they are going, and they are thirsty for the knowledge of the past. >> and musician, she first came from the u.s. in 1962. back then, she said it was a much more open and modern society. women could study medicine and could wear pretty much what they like. she met her husband and decided to stay. together, they watched the country become violent. there were resistance fighters who were created, and they later brought on a brutal civil war which led to bring in on the taliban. you can see the many ruins scattered about cities. there was a society that was once tolerant and accepting of different views. >> it is much too small. >> to help them in afghan -- in afghanist
union and the nato or meant to keep russia out and the germans down now they are triumphant economically. germany may not have the solution to every economic problem but to berlin is the point of arbitration for all of them so the question arises and this goes back to the geography with russia needing the buffer zone in eastern europe remember the collapse didn't indian security facing ray it faced invasions' with will lead vehicle lithuanians, french, german throughout history. so we're back with a regional power flashed with natural gas. a rich and wealthy germany, poland between them that has -- >> it has gas under that many get an energy power in the century. this is living in geography. your argument about russia and russia's in security would be that it's too flat. half the world's longitudes but it's indefensible, it runs north, south so they don't unite the country and had less people than bangladesh. 141 million people, bangladesh has more. so vladimir putin sent up near imperialism on the deepak geographical and security and that's how we should understand not as a madman hour
the precursors and chemical agents to places we may not be able to deal with. nato took a look at it today, lou and said nato will do something about it. as you and i donate toe is toothless to do anything about it without the united states. and it could take upwards of above 50,000 troops to secure those chemical munitions, weapons of mass destruction that threaten not only the people inside syria but also the neighborhood to include turkey. thus the need for those, patriot missiles coming over. lou: right. are you surprised that we're sending patriot missiles, defense systems to, to the turks? >> no. in fact this has been hanging fire in brussels now for some months. the turks have always wanted to make sure they had some means of protecting themselves not simply from rockets coming in from syria but they want to protect themselves from the iranians are building with the help of course of the north koreans. lou: we could talk forever about turkey and the relationship that is emerging there but i want to talk here as we wrap up i want to talk about this new book, oliver north's "heroes proved"
opposition long begged for no fly zone. like the one nato enforced in libya 18 months ago. when it began 1,000 libyans died in the uprising and president obama said this. >> as president, i refuse to wait for the image of the slaughter in mass graves before taking action. >> nato attacks crushed libya's air force and many of the tanks acting as close air support for the rebel fighters in six months it took to take tripoli. the u.s. all but ruled out military intervention, pointing out that the far more sophisticated air it was system with the strong support from russia and iran. >> lessons from libya are on everyone's mind. they feel they were steamrolled to allow military action against gaddafi. for u.s. allies the significance of the fighters against the rebels are concer concerned about trading a brutal dictator for failed state. >> bret: leland vittert, thank you. secretary of state hillary clinton treated for a blood clot in her head was seen outside for the first time in a long time outside the car there. she is still being treated at the hospital. correspondent molly henneberg has l
attacks that killed at least 20 people. some nato troops rang in the new year in afghanistan with a race. 12 nato troops ran a 5- kilometer race around the camp at kabul international airport. all the runners said it was a great way to bring in the new year. >>> a little boy got a huge surprise at today's tournament of roses parade. the surprise guest he spotted on the float that prompted him to run right out into the middle of the parade. >> and stanford fans are in a frenzy. they have just won the rose bowl. the final score, 20-14, stanford over wisconsin. ♪ [ female announcer ] no more paper coupons. no more paper lists. [ dog barking ] ♪ no more paper anything. safeway presents just for u. ♪ save more. save easier. saving more, starts now. just for u on the safeway app. >>> crowds at the tournament of roses parade today were thrilled at the sight of a b-2 stealth bomber. the float marked the 60th anniversary of the korean war, often called the forgotten war. >>> today was the 124th rose parade, and the bay area was well represented. stanford university stood out in a sea of 21
in the direction of the nato summit. >> i was a surgeon in the army, i did two tours in iraq. no amount of metals are ribbons can cover the amount of human suffering caused by these wars. we do not want this garbage. we want our human-rights. >> my name is scott olsen. i have with me today my global war on terror metal, operation iraqi freedom medal, national defence metal. these metals, once upon a time, made me feel good about what i'm doing. they made me feel like i would do the right thing, but i came back to reality. i do not want these any more. >> we are a global afghan peace movement speaking against the occupation and war in afghanistan. we are here to protest nato and call on all representatives to end this inhumane, a legal, barbaric war against our own country and people. >> "the new york times" resident obama has a personal kill list. according to the paper, obama signs off on every targeted killing in yemen and somalia and the more complex and risky to strikes in pakistan. >> i want people to understand that drones have not caused a huge number of civilian casualties. for the most p
significant american artist. >> on sunday, protesters marched from grant park to near the nato summit among those there was musician and activist tom barlow. >> i was asked to perform today from iraq and and afghanistan veterans. >> what about these soldiers who are about to return their medals? i know it is not easy for many of them or their families. >> i think there is nothing more courageous than taste soldier who stands up against an unjust war. that is what they're doing. courageous soldiers. >> and the role of music and art in resistance? >> what music can do is help steel the backbone in the midst of a struggle, put wind in the cells of social justice movement. i have been here the last three days playing songs for a variety of causes, but none more important than today. >> this is "democracy now!," democracynow.org, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. back in a moment. ♪ [music break] >> singing woody guthrie's song, live at a concert organized here in chicago in marking his centennial, also marking the protest at the nato summit. blanketse from her with a gun in each hand
of civilian casualties in 30 years because nato forces are there. in russia, there was a blood bath in the '90s when i was there. it was a civil war. that war ended with 9/11. when nato went into afghanistan. it will probably, something like that will resume. i think it's probably going to be a civil war. clearly, pakistan wants to control afghanistan. clearly, the taliban want back in. it's going to happen. the northern alliance is organizing itself, arming itself. getting ready to fight the taliban. i think what's going to happen, the u.s. seems like they'll leave enough troops there, special forces, to make sure kabul doesn't get overrun. i think eventually there will be some kind of static front line between the pashtun areas and other areas. getting to that stay us is is stasis is going to be violent but in my opinion i think they'll get there eventually. >> "outfront" next, nearly two months after superstorm sandy devastated the northeast, the victims are still not getting the help they need. the reason may surprise you. >>> and the best of the worst political fumbles of the year. a coup
, china. while in tokyo, japan, buddhist monks rang bells to cleanse sins. nato soldiers serving in afghanistan took time to let loose and dance their way into 2013. nato has more than 100,000 soldiers serving in afghanistan including some 66,000 u.s. forces. in central russia these brave souls took an icy dip to greet the new year. the water temperature? a very brisk 37 degrees. while in the united a-emirates the world's tallest building set the stage for a giant celebration. in paris tens of thousands celebrated at the eiffel tower while in london big ben rang out the old and rang in the new. and the tradition continued in the big apple. tens of thousands crammed into times square to officially welcome 2013. >> isn't that sweet? there is much more news coming your way. we are going to continue to follow developments on the fiscal cliff. mara schiavocampo is next. once again the house caucus going in at 1:00 this afternoon. i'm chris jansing. see you back here tomorrow at 10:00 a am eastern for jansing & company. have a happy new year. i have lost 101 lbs on weight watchers onli
as so many families try to clean up, we got reports of a or the nato touching down near the outer banks. abc's matt gutman is in alabama tonight. >> reporter: the giant tornado carving destruction into the heart of this city. >> christmas day tornado, going through mobile. that's like two tornadoes. >> reporter: this ef-1 twister, with winds up to 110 miles per hour, exploding into this church, snatching trees and mangling mansions. over 150,000 homes still without power. neighbors joining work crews, offering a shoulder and a hand. tessie and russell johnson held on tight to each other as the twister roared through. it lasted for just a short time? >> yeah, about 30 seconds. that's all it took. >> we were saying i love you a lot. >> yeah. >> reporter: this family also lucky to be alive. ashley and rick, a football coach at this high school, had family over for christmas. suddenly, the skies darkened. s took everybody along with you? >> they thought i was crazy. >> reporter: fleeing into the school's field house. not the christmas you anticipated? >> you kind of forgot it was christmas
in the eastern part of the country on wednesday, killing three afghans. afghan nato-led forces say the bomber did not get into the base nor breach its perimeter. >>> new information this morning on a story first reported as breaking news last night. a deadly shooting we told you about this at 11:00. police say a tarrytown police officer shot a man on commerce street around 8:30 last night. officers received a call about edward becker, jr. smashing the windows of his father's truck using a hammer. when they arrived op the scene, they asked him to drop that hammer and when he didn't, they say he came within an arm's length of an officer and that's when the officer fired. the officer says he was in fear for his life. he's on leave right now pending the outcome of a routine investigation. >>> baltimore county now where police say a man is dead after a man tried to break into a store in glen burnie. police say that byron philip broke into the store and got into a fight with someone and that's when the employee shot philip. the store employee who shot the man, he is now cooperating with the investiga
to the pullout from vietnam. nato troops are scheduled to be out of afghanistan by 2014 although the u.s. will keep a small presence there. >>> met with president hugo chavez twice and that the leader has "the same strength as always." . nicholas ma dur owe offered that in an interview last night. chavez is recovering from cancer surgery in havana. he's suffered several complications since three weeks ago including a respiratory infection and it's unclear when he will return. >>> a death row inmate who spent 11 years in prison for murder could be released. justin wolf is in jail for the 2001 murder for hire of his drug supplier in prince william county. his family and friends created a website about his case. back in july, a judge threw out wolff's conviction saying prosecutors knowingly used false testimony from the actual gunman. the judge ordered a retrial within 120 days but that never happened. prosecutors tried to appeal the ruling but an appeals court upheld the decision. now it's up to a judge in prince william county to decide if wolfe can be released. >>> a prince george's co
to watch the fire works and ring in the new year. >> nato troops serving in afghanistan got a chance to do partying. well deserved. soldiers from different nations gathered in the capitol city to dance the night away. nato has more than 100,000 troops in country american troops. >> very nice. >> yeah. >> they get a chance to celebrate. good for them. >> next year, we'll stay up late. >> no, i'm not. >> even if you take a nap and wake up right at midnight. >> i've tried that. no. i did did. >> good luck this year to you. >> hey, you know what -- black-eyed peas you ever heard of that? >> hopping johns and greens. oh, yeah. >> i'm sorry, i never heard that. >> tucker doesn't have southern roots. so there you go. that's the issue. we'll share. i'll get some. >> you have to do it today. >> you have to do it today. >> i ate mine at 3:00 in the morning. i'm good. >> let's go to the numbers. >> did you cook? >> no, my wife did. i ain't cooking nothing. >> reagan national, temperatures are -- >> it's new year's day. >> allison, i realize. >> you wanted allison back so bad. you couldn't wait. >>
. this is fear that it could evolve into a civil war, if there isn't a large u.s. and nato pressure. >> this picture depicts some very cool guys. >> this is a flight with u.s. air force, special operations, pararescuemen. they go off in helicopters and go into the battlefield to pick up wounded and bring them back for medical attention. the week we were with them was a really tough week. just come off major battles which there were a lot of u.s. casualties, and i remember the sergea sergeant, he said, look, it's fine to profile our guys, but, please, mr. holmes, be gentle. he said what do you mean? we just had a really, really rough couple of days here. we're talking about hosing blood out of the chopper because of the missions they were doing. things were very, very sensitive, and i certainly respected that. these guys are ten feet tall. you spend a few minutes with them, and you feel like are you this little bitty person. you think what have i done lately? that picture was taken in northern lebanon, several years ago when hezbollah and israel were going at it. hezbollah firing kat
and they can have their germany as long as nato doesn't go further. these kind of things are in the air and what does bush to? trademark and square happens and he suspends relations but behind the scenes to beat he does business as usual. he goes into panama in december of '89. i will never forget that because fourth of july was opening on that same day and the american people loved it. they go back to the invasion. of some backyard. it was a war on drugs and that was a new issue. noriega looked like the bad guy. and that is another untold story because it's really depressing when you go into all of the false intelligence and the doctrine. >> it breaks my heart. >> i see the next ten years we draft. we don't take advantage of the possibilities of the soviet union. >> to keep it stable we privatize them what russia and by the time bush 43 comes in it's not only squandered but it's a nightmare that really begins. so, for me it is heartbreaking. >> we see it as a last opportunity. march 5th, 1960 3:00 they're talking of ending the cold war at that point and eisenhower rights the speech imm
into eastern europe to let nato take over germany these things are in the air. bush? >> host: square. he does business as usual with china and goes into panama december 1989. the american people loved it it was our backyard. me noriega was the news dahlin. and that is another untold story. and with the doctor of the photos it breaks my heart personally send a the veteran we don't take advantage of the possibilities with the soviet union reprivatize with russia and then 43, and it is natalie squandered but it is heartbreaking during that period. >> it is a lost opportunity. i agree. >> march 5, 1953 when stalin died the soviet leader's reach out to the united states at that point* but eisenhower had a great speech but then dallas refutes it then they take a hard-line. >> we had a lot of chances.
it to declare victory and run. american led nato troops are due to pull out of afghanistan by the offend 2014 leaving behind what is called a viocid yule force. >>> new years celebration at the hindu temple in fremont was somber this year as hundreds remembered a woman in india who died after being gang raped. worshipers held a candle light vigil to play prey for the victim and call to the end of violence against women. protests have been held around the world to call for stricter penalty for rape following the woman's death. five men and a teenage boy are accused of beating and gang raping the 23-year-old medical student. >> they are human first and that's what we have to stand for. >> 600 rapes are reported in new delhi last year but there has been just one conviction. >>> 6:25. san francisco police are busy searching for two criminal ascussed of punching a 75-year- old woman and stealing wigs from a store. this all happened sunday afternoon on polk street. police say the suspects left the store without paying for those wigs and when they were confronted by the woman, police say one of the
there. nato has more than 100,000 troops in the country including some 66,000 american troops. good for them. they get to take some time to celebrate and party like the rest of us. >> just from looking at the dancing, i think i would feel most comfortable at the celebration there in afghanistan. >> that is just mine. you were probably doing that in your living room all by yourself. >> sadly i was. because bedtime was early for us. >> no dancing, no celebrating. just me and a sparkling glass of martinelli's. >> you do that every night. >> i last night, i step tupped. >> your little slippers. >> my silk robe. >> cloudy skies to start your day. it will be a mostly cloudy day but not much will happen with the clouds. we might see a sprinkle or shower here for one or two of you. most of you will be kind of dry. temperatures the next couple of days will trend just a little bit on the cool side for this time of year. we are entering the coldest time of year as we get into the heart of winter here. 40 in washington. 40 in annapolis. baltimore, 40 degrees. these temperatures have been bounci
and hopefully make a difference. >> nato has more than 100,000 troops in the country including some 66,000 american troops. glad they were table to take time out. >> they are doing great work protecting our country. >> thank you for the service. >> we appreciate the service. >>> still ahead on fox 5 morning news this new year's day. >> christmas and new year appear celebration have passed. but redskins fans have something to look forward to. we are talking more about sunday's redskins seahawks showdown later on in sports breakfast.  >>> baltimore, just one of many cities across the u.s. to bring in the new year with a fireworks display. the celebration has an evening that includes a fireworks display. it is the largest in the region. quite a celebration. and now, it is quiet after. but it has not been quiet on capitol hill. that is for sure. they were working well into the night. senate passing a deal on the fiscal cliff situation. of course, now, we are waiting on the house to take that up. hopefully today, maybe tomorrow. melanie alnwick is live on top of that st
before she steps down next month. david lee miller, fox news. >> nato troops serving in afghanistan got the chance to party on new year's eve. they danced the night away. many of the soldiers say the partying is fun but wish they could have celebrated with their family. more than 100,000 troops including 66,000 american troops. >> baltimore one of the many cities to ring in the new year with a fire works display. capped an evening that included a party with live music. the fire works display was the largest in the whole region. >>> everyone associates new year's with resolutions. but for many families it's a day of deeply held tradition. >> we asked you to tell us how you mark the occasion. the most popular tradition seems to be around food. amy says she eats pork and sauerkraut every january 1st. >> sandy says she eats black-eyed peas for good luck, collard greens for money, rice and riches, corn bread because it's the color of gold and ham. >> nothing wrong with that either. and michael says he's just learned a new tradition of eating grapes and walking around the table with luggage.
in an attempt to hit syrian targets more accurately. the use of these weapons has prompted nato to send patriot missile systems to protect turkey. they're expected to be in place by the end of january. >>> a 24-year-old woman has been arrested in connection with the gunman who ambushed and killed two firefighters when called to a house fire in upstate new york. police announced today she purchased the rifle and shotgun used in the christmas eve attack. she told the gun shop she would be the true owner but she purchased the guns for aex con -- a convicted felon, who was not allowed to legally possess guns. >> tonight since january there have been more people murdered on the streets of chicago than american soldiers killed in afghanistan. in chicago, homicides are up 17% and shootings up 11% over the last year alone. chicago hadn't reached the 500 homicide mark since 2008. >>> it has been 512 days since the u.s. lost its top credit rating. what are we doing to get it back? not enough. that gets me to other fourth story "outfront" tonight. bracing for impact. fears of falling off the fiscal cliff
and nato military generals made a little special. the marines are set to begin a first of its kind program for armed forces. random breathalyzer test to protect against alcohol abuse. the marine corps went public with the new plan after study showed a spike in bing drinking and drug abuse among military personnel among the past decade. steve centanni has more from us from washington. >> multiple deployments and combat injuries are said to be causing this troubling spike in alcohol and drug abuse among active duet military. democraticked by the institute of medicine. their study concluded earlier this year and sponsored by the department of defense shows that 20% of our active duty military personnel report they engaged in heavy drinking in 2008. binge drinking rose from 35% of personnel in 1998 to 47% in 2008. drug abuse of illegal and prescription drugs rose from 2% in 2002 to 11% in 2008: the report recommended better screening and that's just what the marine corps is doing, according to a directive issued in month the purpose of the screening program is to provide gheanders and addition
live. in afghanistan the timetable for turning over security from nato to the afghans is on schedule with the next phase ontrack to begin in two months. the transition will give afghan forces full control by the end of 2014. and it's a very different and very quiet scene this morning in times square on the first day of 2013. last night was a little different. about a million people welcomed in the new year with the famous ball drop in new york city. the house is set to reconvene in about half an hour to begin expected consideration of the fiscal cliff deal passed by the senate. before any vote republican and democratic leaders will hold separate conference meetings with their members to gauge whether indeed it can pass. joining us now is nbc news deputy political editor dominico montenaro. what are leaders telling their members in these caucuses and what do you make of the news vice president joe biden will attend the democrats' closed door meeting? >> i think vice president biden like he did last night is going to have to make the sale one more time to his fellow democrats to say, l
. >>> in afghanistan the timetable for turning over security from nato to the afghans is on schedule with the next phase ontrack to begin in two months. the transition will give afghan forces full control by the end of 2014. and it's a very different, very quiet scene this morning in times square on this first day of 2013. last night was a little different. about a million people welcomed in the new year with the famous ball drop in new york city. the house for now is expected to vote later today or even tomorrow on the fiscal cliff legislation. the senate passed it overwhelmingly in the early hours of the new year with a push from the vice president. for now we go to nbc's kristen welker who is marking the new year at the white house. good morning and happy new year. >> reporter: happy new year to you, mara. >> what do we know about the president's reaction to this legislation and the senate's vote? >> well, the president, officials here at the white house are feeling confident about the fact that the vote passed the senate with 89 votes. that means it passed with broad, bipartisan support. that
group called it a declared victory and run strategy. american-led nato forces are expected to pull out of afghanistan by the end of 2014. >>> over in pakistan, a dramatic rise in the number of measles cases there. the world health organization says the disease killed over 300 children last year, compared to just over 60 the year before. in response to the search, pakistani officials are launching an immunization campaign to reach children in the worst-hit areas, hoping to vaccinate about 3 million children. >>> time now to talk weather again. here's tucker again. >> things are looking brighter. we'll get some sunshine finally after a couple days with lots of clouds around. temperatures will remain a little on the cool side for early january, but we don't have -- we're not concerned with any winter weather this week. so there you go. >> makes it easy for you. >> last week we had a rapid succession of storms. this week all is quiet. >> you even said sunshine in there. >> and sunshine later today. we have some cloudiness hanging tough right now, but a little later this afternoon we'll h
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